The three reasons why we get Married – Marriage is a magnificent foundation of life. God the father wanted like to be shared over the bounds of this kind of foundation. Why? There is the commitment in addition to security for the two spouses.

Companionship – it’s not great for a person to be alone based on the Word of God. Everybody in life needs someone close. The cause of this is to talk about life experiences both positive and negative. Most of us need people to speak to.

Procreation – from the lovemaking experience, children are born. It’s a terrific thing to give birth to children after marriage. But if that occurred outside marriage for you, do not worry. So long as you can repair your relationship with God, you should be OK.

Sexual Intimacy – Obviously, we’re sexual beings. Sex is the climaxing of love that is authentic. This is an exciting experience and closeness made to be shared with your partner. It shouldn’t be shared out of bliss. Love is quite important. That ought to be within the bounds of marriage. Marriage prevents unnecessary harms, pain, and disappointments.