Say yes to hug, no to divorce – Do you want to incorporate more warmth in your marriage? Here’s a “divorce-proofing” exercise for you to try. I state divorce-proof because if you do that every day, odds are you won’t be prone to accumulating contempt and bitterness.

A “Hug in the Heart,” is an amazing new habit to get started. to the secrets of long-term, happy marriages incorporate this easy thing that increases heat in a connection.

If you begin every day with a hug and make it a habit, you may add heat to your union and enhance your physical, emotional and psychological well-being. By making hugs a ritual, you’ll be less inclined to carry anger and bitterness in the following day. How can you get upset with your spouse if you know you’ll be hugging each other for a minute every day?

Another choice is to hug six times per day for six seconds. Sounds scientific. In case you time yourself? a study shows that if the first emotion of the day is a positive one, another emotion is very likely to be positive. It is said that the less you touch, the more resentful and detached you can become. You can hug horizontally in bed but try to develop a habit of hugging after you have gotten ready for the day, before going your separate ways.