The perfect one – Oftentimes, prospective couples conjure images in their minds on how their prospective life spouses would be or seem. Some go ahead to make a list of compulsory specifics:

Physical Attraction – It’s fine to have some degree of beauty or physical attraction to someone, at least, at the start of a relationship. I say some degree because physical attraction isn’t everything. It’s ephemeral. It may be altered by age, disease or injury. I advise that if it comes to life spouse physical attraction, simply search for a person you’ll be contented with.

Communication – Communication between the two of you is crucial. Can you truly speak to her, and can she really speak with you? It is not just crisscrossing of words about really understanding each other.

Friendship  – During first dates, there’s a propensity to feel ‘crazy’ about each other. Allow me to tell you: feelings of romance and go after marriage.

Character – Do you know this individual deep down as to understand his/her personality traits? Is he or she extroverted or introverted? If you are serious, I will bet that what you need in a life or marriage partner is a person of integrity, empathy, kindness, and trust.

Spirituality. – Are you on the exact spiritual wavelength with your prospective spouse? Would you share the same religious values with this individual?

Patience and endurance form part of the communication skills in marriage.