Every spouse has a responsibility – Our responsibility as a partner as described in the Book of Ephesians is to love another as our own body and to show respect. That’s the best ingredient for a happy marriage. However, the Bible does not go into detail on what to do if your partner wants to go off and pursue his dream or work on personal development and become a completely new person. But the larger question is: does it really have to? Like we can not figure out from “love your partner like your own body” that simply because a partner wants to better himself does not mean we should throw up the walls and prohibit it.

Today’s culture is so focused on the here and now and instant gratification that a lot of us are prepared to lose something if it is not working out. Nowadays, we see married couples separating for a lot of reasons. When life gets a little tough, they’re quick to call it quits and move on what they believe are greener pastures.

Everybody has a big dream. It might have gotten squashed during childhood or even in the mature years, but the large dreams are there, waiting to be unleashed. Most individuals don’t think they could ever attain their dreams. For one reason or another, they have come to feel that it is useless to even try.

It’s hard to appreciate and care about someone once we can not muster the encouragement and support they need. That doesn’t mean they will always succeed, but at least they will know we always have their back. But the thing is, when we are neglecting our big dreams, we are sabotaging our potential and our relationships.

When we begin to appear at life like a meaningless event, if we are full of anger or frustration, or once we lose our confidence and begin to concentrate on the doldrums we begin to push people off. Positive men and women are interested in being around other positive folks. They don’t need to sit through yet another rendition of why life is so miserable or unworthy. They need confirmation that things are possible, that it will get better than that.

When we start thinking in our partner’s dream, once we begin offering support and encouragement, there is a three-fold advantage: not only are we helping our partner to be successful, but we are also witnessing the chances and getting encouragement in return. It’s also a superb way to grow in your marriage and relationship.