Money management in marriage life because it could be costly – Money is needed to do everything. Experts say 60 percent of our disposable income is invested directly or indirectly in the home. The sum of money available to each couple decides how comfortable they will live their own lives. Most times, people talk more about money for the company and don’t think about its relationship with the household. There’s absolutely no place where money is much more applicable than at home.

To handle money adequately and properly, each couple needs to be aware of the area of money in their union.

  • It is to make your companies not combatant: Money shouldn’t be a tool of discord; instead, it ought to be a source of unity.
  • A tool of welfare not for war: Cash is for the sake of the family to not turn your loved ones into a boxing ring.
  • It’s a means of exchange: it’s the only thing that the family must give out in exchange for the goods and services that they desire.
  • It’s a defense: Money can help to protect the household from hunger, poverty, ill-health, attack, debt.
  • The strength of company: For any family to start a company and sustain it, cash is necessary.