A perfect garden wedding – Garden wedding is an excellent idea, but bear in mind that there is 1 thing that you will need to take into an account. First and foremost is the weather, everyone thinks a backyard wedding and reception will be a gorgeous sunny day but nobody can dictate the weather and make it be a bright day. It might be a wet miserable do this you should rent a tent.

Bear in mind it’s put on the ground at a high level when using a tent. If the water accumulates after a shower rain or the area is irregular install a subflooring of plywood or vinyl. In addition, don’t forget to be certain that there are not any overhead utility lines otherwise it’ll be a nightmare. The size tent you will need is dependent upon how a lot of folks will be there in the reception together with allowing space for dance and seating if these should be held under cover.

Lighting is an important consideration, which adds to the romance of reception and the wedding. You need to pick colors that create the mood you’re trying to portray. The d├ęcor for your backyard wedding reception ought to be minimal because character also adds to your own decoration.