The low-level form of cheating in Marriage – These kinds of feelings can often tempt us to find joy, love, and validation from people and places out of our union. Perhaps you’re feeling tempted to cheat at the moment. Or you could never imagine yourself in the bed of somebody else. Somewhere along the line, you’ll have to make a selection. Frequently on our wedding day, we start with good expectations for our union and our husbands. And these are objectives that are legitimate. But often times as girls we find ourselves frustrated and frustrated because we believe our husbands don’t satisfy our expectations. Occasionally, we and emotions battle and we feel lonely, and hurt, rejected.

The three “low level” forms of cheating happen with your:

  • Head – when you daydream or fantasize about being with someone besides your husband.
  • Emotions – when you connect with someone else on an intimate level. This may include what some believe innocent gestures like touching, hugging, caressing, kissing, and sharing your innermost thoughts and fantasies.
  • Body – this is full sexual intercourse!