Hand painted favors and glassware are an excellent way to earn your wedding reception or following celebration unique from the rest. They are amazing and affordable for most. The images are just a sample of what can be carried out. There are quite a few other items which can be utilized.

The hand painted terracotta containers could be utilized in a couple of various ways. They can hold nuts and candy directly in the kettle or wrapped in netting having a nice bow. The inside of every pot has been left, which makes these safe for food. They also make a neat candle holder which can be set on the tables in the reception. You could even have a larger pot painted to suit for each centerpiece in your own tables. Acrylic enamel paint from http://paintbycolourworks.com/ from can be used to paint every bud. It’s a non invasive paint. The strands are baked to cure the paint.

Custom ordered items allow you the flexibility of having the option of your design and colors. You’re not confined to particular patterns. This enables you to coordinate these pieces to go for the theme of your event and other items you currently have.

Here are more suggestions for your wedding souvenirs:

Your guests will just love their favors you’ve provided them to take home. They’ll be little pieces of art that can be made outside, adding to their own home decoration, instead of being stuck in a drawer. They will be around for years to come, preserving clean the memories of the unique moment.

Have fun in your wedding!

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