Wedding social graces have slowly been changing since the start of the smartphone. And if you assumed it might be hard to keep the wedding visitors off their mobile phones especially if they play Pokémon Go, it can be close to improbable to take them from their phones. (They have to capture all of them, just in case you have not been told.)

We all know this may sound insane, however with the surge in recognition of the game Pokémon Go and the release of the new pokemon platinum rom which makes use of the players’ GPS position to allow them to capture Pokémon beings, all happening in real time, occurs a completely new list of concerns concerning mobile phone wedding social manners. Read on for a couple graceful approaches to steer clear of the Pokémon buzz at your wedding ceremony.

Pokémon Go Ruined My Wedding

Put Signs Make It Fun

It happened not once, not twice, but many instances when a wedding gets ambushed because of Pokemon Go. Remind people that you are having a wedding and you need everyone’s attention. Make your signs fun while using captions like – “If you see a Pokemon creature here, please catch it later. You will be rewarded with more monsters later after my first kiss,” Quite an unusual way to put up a sign.

And if you are one of the guests, well if you see a Pokemon creature just beside the bride while they say their vows, let it go. You can’t crash a wedding that’s going to happen once in their lifetime.

Unplugged Wedding?

Well, it could work. Let your guests know you want them to be really present on your wedding day. It can be a bit hard to add the no cell phones sign in your wedding invitation but with the surge of Pokemon monsters, it can help survive your wedding without being crushed by an Ivysaur on your wedding day. Sounds challenging, huh?

The best is just let it go

When soon after your wedding have started, you found out that it has become a battlefield of Pokemon creatures, then just let it go. Laugh it out, besides guests are more learned and filled with common sense. So in the event that you are cutting the cake, rest assured that not one of your guests is going to plunge towards your cake raising towards a Pokemon. Family members are more learned than to crash your wedding day, and they know when to pass a battle just for a nick of time.