Understanding Jealousy in Marriage – When married couples think that they have exclusive possession of the spouses, jealousy is normal between couples. It happens when a man who he or she thinks is a rival threatens a spouse. Spouses have this sense of ownership towards their spouses that they feel jealous or threatened when they think a rival appears and may steal their spouse.

Is Jealousy Bad? – Jealousy can be healthful and good in a union. If jealousy is constructive in a manner that it makes couples to be more sensitive with each other’s feelings, to communicate more, to show more affection to one another and it reminds them of their love and commitment to one another, then it’s good. A little jealousy is an affirmation that couples love and value each other so much that they don’t want to drop each other.

But if jealousy gets intense, irrational and threatens to ruin a union, then jealousy is bad. If one partner irrationally believes that their partner is unfaithful and wrongly feels threatened by a rival who does not exist, then the problem in the union comes in.