The perfect ring for your wedding – brides know that there is more option of wedding rings compared to a simple gold ring. Although this is the traditional appearance, others brides may elect for a piece that suits their personal aesthetic.

Because this is a piece of jewelry which is worn daily, it makes sense to select something the wearer loves. Here are some of the most exciting trends with this significant piece of jewelry.

Vintage-Inspired Designs – Some retro-style brides can elect for real vintage pieces. Others can choose modern versions of old favorites which incorporate elements from classic styles. To do this look, search for delicate detailing such as nominal scrolls, filigree engraving, and delicately raised borders.

Rose Gold – a romantic metal and an alternative to the typical silver or gold. As a bonus, the warm color is flattering on most skin tones. It can be used by couples alone or mix it with other metals for an effect that is favorite.

Stackable Bands – These thin diamond rings are intended to be worn one in addition to the engagement ring.