Sign here pleaseĀ  – Nothing can kill the love of a getting married quicker than asking another individual to sign a prenup. Don’t you love me? Are you planning for it to fail? Do you think I want your cash? Maybe was a stigma. In this day and age with both the men and woman holding and working resources, a prenup protects both parties. Developing a prenup is not likely for the worst.

If your love is real and the union continues, then the prenup won’t ever be used. Not to say that you will need to begin a marriage paranoid that the other person is only interested in your money.

People change over the years and everything you want now might not be exactly what you want a decade from now. It’s like buying insurance. You hope you never need to use it, but “what if?” An easy prenup can only state that if you become divorced what you owned before you got married belongs to you and everything you accumulated during the marriage is divided. Many couples will tell you the number one argument they have is over financing.

This is because they never talked about it prior to getting married and are learning about one another’s habits (good and bad) on the fly. Your finances shouldn’t be a taboo subject to talk about especially if you’re planning to get married. Bear in mind, the prenup protects both parties rather than only one.