Wedding Couples Carry AR-15 Guns To A Church Ceremony

Numerous US couples holding AR-15 guns had their weapons and marriages endowed at an unconventional church service. The unconventional wedding renewal service forced kids from a close primary school needed to be moved for their security. Men and women who attended held their rifles and put on rounds of bullets as crowns while they renewed their wedding vows at a ceremony in Pennsylvania.

Wedding brides using white as well as grooms in their dark suits carried unloaded AR-15s to the ceremony. The chapel, with a global following, feels the AR-15 represents the rod of iron as stated in the book of Revelation, and encourages couples to take the actual weapons to the ceremony. While AR-15 is the rod of iron, the AR-10 fits well in many other shooting ranges, For a good review on AR10 optics, check out this link

Members of the congregation think that the incident on school shootings in the United States tend not to warrant stricter gun regulations in a nation where guns are associated with more than 30,000 fatalities yearly.

Members of the congregation deny gun control regulations

“We as good people, we strongly believe in the Second Amendment … So showing the rod of iron, which represents, for our church, it’s the AR-15, and it represents that you can protect against evil with that rod of iron in a sense,” said worshipper Sreymom Ouk.

Guns were checked at the door entrance

An attendant checked every weapon at the entrance of the church door, to make sure it was unloaded, then it was secured with a zip tie.

The sophisticated commitment service, presenting about 250 married couples, attended the ceremony without a hinderance, but obligated classes at a close by elementary school to move down the street joining other schools in their class.

The AR-15 that was presented so intensely within the service was the same weapon utilized in the shooting at the Florida high school on 14th of February. The service was held on the day that survivors return back to school from the time of incident that killed 17 students and school staff. The suspect is a young man, 19 years of age.


By Roxane Maybelle, ago