Trending Technologies to Add to Your Wedding

A device to monitor your heart rate, a drone to capture great photos, a selfie stick, a cellphone charging station, and the best headphones for the groom to lessen anxiety and excitement on his wedding day. All these recent technologies are just a few devices that you can use on your wedding day.

Technologies You Can Wear To Monitor Your Every single Move

What if you can go back to your wedding and in fact have the ability to see your precise heart rate at the time you went down the church aisle? It is possible to with the newest wearable technology from Apple watch. You can choose from an 18K gold apple watch or a gold bracelet that monitors your heart rate. Put them on the whole day and you may look at a precise time that it ticked for you. And although this is simply not a thing yet, think about having your moments captured by a heart rate and your stats showing how you genuinely reacted to your first site of the beautiful bride.

While we it’s not for all, this foreseeable wedding band is the super edition of wearable technologies for your big day and thereafter.

Wedding Drones intended for Hard to Shoot Photos and Vids

A few photography enthusiasts and videographers are utilizing drone technologies for capturing photos that had never been done before. Whether you are engaged and getting married at your university college, a location in the tropical island,  you will want to get an aerial footage of the entire place.

Charging Stations and Selfie Sticks

Cellphone charging stations are among the must-haves if you are anticipating plenty of hashtagging in your wedding ceremony. It is very easy to accomplish. Just get a lot of various kinds of cables compatible with iPhone and Android phones. Set the cables in an adorable way and then prop all of them somewhere in your reception away from the buffet table or from the crowd.

Rather than making everybody contend for the usage of a couple of selfie sticks, get a lot and hand all of them to each table. It is a hobby for your visitors and also a fun approach to record the wedding ceremony.

By Roxane Maybelle, ago