Five Unforgettable Weddings

Weddings are one of those occassions that couples will remember in their wedded life. For most, the traditional wedding had always been the choice. While others want it simple, some like glamorous with white wedding dresses created with the best embroidery machine, tuxedos tailored by the best master dresser there is, the most expensive wedding cakes decorated with edible gold, and luxurious venue that only a few can afford.

Despite these luxurious wedding choices, there are still weddings that were simple but very unique that every one of the guests will remember as much as the couples who are wedded. Let’s take a look at a few unique weddings that made a twist in traditional weddings.

Five Unique Weddings that Made a Mark in History

1. How many marriages have you seen under water? There is quite a few. Wedding under the deep blue see will surely make guests go… What? but yes it happened and it’s not the first.

2. Marriage in the sky? Well, if it can be done under the sea, then why not in the sky? Watch this.

3. Weddings at the wing of an airplane. So this is really unusual. But this couple have convinced this nice reverend to do the ceremony not just above ground but literally on the wing of an airplane.

4. What about a wedding in Mt. Everest? This couple indeed married at the base camp of Mount Everest (what were they thinking?)! But yes, they did it and despite the challenges, they are wedded and really worth remembering.

5. It’s simple but with a touch of extra special. Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson decided to change the wedding March to something worth remembering. All the sponsors including the bride and the groom danced to the tune of Forever by Chris Brown while they made their way to the altar.

With all these unique (or maybe weird) weddings, you will no longer find yourself surprised if you heard of weddings holding guns. We hope you enjoyed this post as well as watching the videos. If you are about to be wed, best wishes and congratulations!

By Roxane Maybelle, ago