Wedding Shed – A unique way to tie the knot

I am amazed at how many weddings happened in a once storage shed turned into a wedding reception. It’s a classic to have weddings in a backyard, but it becomes more special when the wedding happens in a backyard shed. It’s a wow factor for me. If you are wedding in Spring or in the Summer, you don’t really have to worry about the weather. Everything will look perfect on your very special day.

I searched the World Wide Web and I found more than twenty weddings who have chosen the shed to be their wedding venue. I find these weddings to be special and very unique. One of the couples I read about even had their wedding in a cow shed! There were even actual cows in the shed when they visited the place. The cows didn’t turned them off, so they pursued their wedding in a cow shed.

As a wedding planner, I find these types of weddings fun. And guess what? I go over and beyond my best to provide all the necessities of the wedding just so it comes out extra special. I use only the best materials which in fact I read reviews about before making a purchase. My favorite place to find the best reviewed products are from

I know these couples want to remember their wedding in a very special and symbolic way. I always give my best foot forward in all the weddings I help to plan. But I just think that couples who give more special attention to their wedding is where I give my extra best!

Here are Four Wedding in a Shed I find really special

1. The Byronviewfarm wedding shed is one of the best weddings I find very interesting. The country style wedding and the venue itself is surely something that couples will always remember.

2. The barn wedding (and they still utilized the shed!). The cowboy boots, the guns…how cool can this even get!!!

3. The Speraw Wedding. Happened in Florida. They have that shed and it makes the backyard / barn wedding really special.

4. The Cow Shed wedding. Did I mention cow shed wedding? Well, this is not the couples I read about. But yet they have a cow shed wedding. This is really getting more exciting.

By Roxane Maybelle, ago